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Sukrit is founded by the dynamic duo of sisters Nupur and Ashima Sachdeva.


Based out of Jaipur, even though the journey for this brand of jewellery began in the very trying times of the Pandemic, its focus is to bring happiness to people’s lives. Putting their creativity to the best use, this young and talented pair understood the need of the hour - spread love and happiness. And what better way to do it than thru some beautifully created and curated pieces of jewellery that would bring love and smiles to everyone’s lives.

Both Nupur and Ashima have a deep connection to jewellery, which encouraged and inspired them to bring eternal beauty back. Jewellery is a personal expression of style and grace. And to own a statement piece is nothing short of a treasure.


Our understanding of life during the pandemic has changed forever. But not our love for things that give us hope and reaffirm our faith. Sukrit brings back the new definition of happiness through its exquisitely crafted jewellery pieces, perfect for office wear and the perfect cocktail evening.

A little about the jewellery - it’s a beautifully balanced blend of the modern and the traditional. Each piece is exclusively handcrafted with perfection and excellence, making it an essential yet unique part of every woman’s wardrobe. Fashion and wearability is the approach for this young brand. 

So come, own these timeless pieces and make every moment a celebration!!

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